Thinking about using food trucks for an event?

Food truck rodeos, large and small, and single truck events can be an effective fundraising tool for schools, churches, charities and other social benefit organizations.  These events can also also provide opportunities to connect with your members or provide exposure to a  broader audience.

If you are thinking about engaging a single food truck for an event, or organizing a multi-truck rodeo, we can help!

We are a group of community-minded food trucks that are interested in connecting with social benefit organizations.  Many of the member trucks have participated in services or rodeos in which a portion of the truck's proceeds were donated back to the sponsoring charitable organization.  We think this is a great way to introduce new people to our food, make new friends and build stronger communities.  

We understand that for many (if not most) social benefit organizations organizing a food truck event can be a real pain!  Organizations have limited staff, and figuring out which trucks to contact, how many to schedule, what types of food to offer and which trucks are open to making a donation can be difficult.  Not to mention, food trucks can be difficult to reach and don't always respond in a timely manner.

Food Trucks For A Cause intends to help food truck planning for social benefit organizations less difficult.  Leveraging our relationships with members, we will identify trucks that are interested in participating in rodeos or single truck fundraisers.  Additionally, we will help you determine the number of trucks any types of food that are appropriate for your event.  

Give us a call at 843-642-8418!  We'd be happy to discuss your next food truck event!